Westland Naval Lynx

The Westland WG-13 started life in the 60s designed to replace the Westland Wasps and Scouts at the time, in service with the Royal Navy and British Army. In 1967 French company Aerospatiale signed an agreement to take on 30% of manufacturing.

The Lynx first flew on 21st March 1971, breaking the helicopter world speed record in 1972. The Lynx HAS2 entered service with the Royal Navy and in the guise of the Mk2(FN) with the French Navy. Both were superseded by the HAS3 and Mk4(FN) as time progressed.

Lynx HAS2 ‘640’ displaying at RNAS Daedalus (Lee-on-Solent) in July 1990

Lynx Mk2 (FN) 266 at Fairford in 1994

In the early 90s, the HMA8 arrived in service with the Royal Navy with the ‘opinionated’ dis-liking the new lines of the helicopter and its electro-optical sensor built into the nose.

Lynx moves forward into the future in the shape of the Agusta Westland Wildcat, improving the aircraft all round, and sealing its future with its Naval operators around the world.

Lynx HAS3 XZ699 prepares to display at RNAS Culdrose in July 1992

Lynx arrived with the Fleet Air Arm in 1981 and dutifully served in the Falklands and both Gulf conflicts of 1982 and 1991 / 2003 respectively. The HMA8 of the 90s currently serves alongside the HAS3 in peacekeeping, anti-drug trafficking, and anti-Piracy duties from Royal Navy Frigates and Destroyers around the world.

Lynx HMA8 XZ723 basks in the evening sun at RNAS Yeovilton in July 2007

Naval Lynx variants to date are as follows: –

Lynx HAS2 / Mk2(FN)

Lynx HAS3

Lynx HAS3S    (S denoting the installation of secure radio fittings)

Lynx HAS3S XZ257 / 301 arrives at HMS Sultan in Gosport on the 30th March 2006

Lynx HAS3GM (GM denoting Gulf modification)

Lynx HAS3SGM (A combination of the above)

Lynx HAS3SGM at RNAS Yeovilton in July 2007

Lynx HAS3(ICE) (Modified for Antarctic survey work)

Lynx HAS3(ICE) XZ238 / 434 at RNAS Yeovilton in July 2007

Lynx HAS3 CTS (7 converted as test beds with HMA8 avionics systems)

Lynx Mk4(FN)

Lynx HMA8

Lynx HMA8 (410) at RNAS Yeovilton in July 2007

Lynx HMA8 (DSP) (Where DSP denotes digital signal processor)

Lynx HMA8DSP XZ722 being used by the Black Cats at RNAS Yeovilton in July 2007

Lynx HMA8 (DAS) (where DAS denotes defensive air subsystems)

Lynx HMA8 (SRU) (where SRU denotes SATURN radio upgrade)

Lynx HMA8 SRU ZD252 / 318 taking part in the final battle practice at RNAS Yeovilton in July 2007

Lynx HMA8 (CMP) (where CMP denotes combined Mods programme)

Export versions

Lynx Mk.21  For the Brizilian Navy

Lynx Mk.21A Brazilian upgrade based on the HMA8

Lynx Mk.23 Export version of the HAS2 for the Argentinian Navy

Lynx Mk.25 Export version of the HAS2 for the Dutch Navy and now retired from service

Lynx Mk.27 Export version to the Dutch Navy upgraded for SAR duties and now retired from service

Lynx SH-14D 265 arriving for the static at RNAS Yeovilton in July 2007

Lynx Mk.80 Export version to the Danish navy Based on the HAS3

Lynx Mk.81 Export version for ASW work to the Dutch Navy and now retired from service

Lynx Mk.86 Export version of the HAS2 for SAR duties to the Norwegian Navy

Lynx Mk.87 Embargoed version for the Argentinian Navy with two completed and sold to Denmark as the Mk.90

Lynx Mk.88 Export version to the German Navy

Sea Lynx Mk.88 83+07 at RNAS Culdrose in July 1997

Lynx Mk.89 Export version to the Nigerian Navy

Lynx Mk.90 Sold to the Danish Navy after being embargoed from being sold to Argentina

Lynx Mk.95 Export version for Portugal

Lynx Mk.95 19203 at RNAS Yeovilton in July 2007

Super Lynx Mk.99 Export version for the South Korean Navy

Super Lynx Mk.100 Export version for the Royal Malaysian Navy

Super Lynx Mk.110 Export version for Thai Navy

Super Lynx Mk.120 Export version for Oman

Super Lynx Mk.130 Export version for the Nigerian Navy

Super Lynx Mk.300 Advanced Super Lynx with upgraded engines

Lynx armament: –
Stingray Torpedo
Sea Skua Anti-ship missile
Depth charges
M3M pintle mounted heavy machine gun

Lynx Spec: –
Payload 737 Kg
Length 15.241m (50ft)
Rotor Diameter 12.80m (42ft)
Empty weight 3,291 Kg
Max TO weight 5,330 Kg
Powerplant 2x Rolls Royce Gem turboshaft (835Kw each)

FS2004 and FSX models and sounds: –

If you can get hold of it, the Alphasim / Virtavia Lynx package is the leader in its class. Navy HAS3 and HMA8 versions come with the package as well as Dutch, Portuguese, and Norwegian aircraft.


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Easy Model 1/72 Lynx HAS.2 France Navy

Westland WG-13 Lynx HAS2 – XZ725 Royal Navy, HMS Brilliant, South Atlantic, April 1982

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In Plastic: –

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