Culdrose station flypast 1988

27th July 1988 and The Fleet Air Arm put up a superb spectacle at Culdrose opening the 1988 Air Day

Before the days of Merlins, Hawks, and Avengers, Culdrose was stalked by three marks of Sea King, Gazelles (everywhere!!), Jetstreams, and FRADU Hunters.

It was always a highlight of the show when pretty much all serviceable aircraft on base were put up to formally announce the opening of the show, and the preparation in getting all involved into the air and back on the deck again at the end of the pass was as greater thrill as the flypast itself.

The fly-pasts of today’s shows are unfortunately not the grand events they used to be, a significant visual representation of how technology moves forward and needs less to complete the same mission, and also demonstrating the commitments being made by the Naval squadrons based in deepest Cornwall.

The scene was recorded with a Praktica MTL5B wielding a 200mm lens with x2 Teleconverter.

This image was scanned from the original print developed in 1988.