F-16AM J-508

RNethAF F-16AM J-508 arrives on a sunny 5th August at St Mawgan 1995 IAS

A great show that has now gone, St Mawgan used to host a truly international line up by virtue of the links the local squadrons had. J-508 was taken on the arrival day (Tuesday due to the show being held mid-week), and later in the day gave a spirited practice display to all on site.

This photo was shot with a Ricoh KR-10X using my then trusty 400mm telephoto lense. The shot was taken next to the runway, as the local RAFR Squadron used to open a viewing site next to runway 31 for enthusiasts. This would also give the opportunity to jump on a minibus trip down to view and shoot the aircraft that had already arrived and parked up.

Great days and memories from an equally great air show, now sorely missed.

The image itself was taken from the original negative (14 years old this year) and cleaned up in Photoshop.

F-16AM J-508 is currently still serving with the Royal Netherlands Air Force with 313 Sqn based at Vlb Volkel in the Netherlands.