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Welcome to this site which focuses on all things aviation related.

Time spent browsing the indexes above will take you further into the world of KS Aviation. ‘a trip to the past’ will provide a weekly photo from days gone by with memories from the day also shared, hopefully evoking some of those memories in you.

‘Aircraft ¬†Spotlight’ will focus on one particular airframe or aircraft type, bringing to life the airframes and aircraft that you could well see and photograph today.

Within ‘articles’, the site will aim to target specific aviation events or operations on a monthly basis for your viewing.

‘Aviation news’ will provide just that, the latest news from around the world together with links to enable you to learn more.

Within the ‘flight simulation’ section, latest releases, product reviews, and screen shots from the world of flight simulation will be regularly updated.

‘Reviews’ will target aviation related books, DVDs, websites and the like, to enable you to find and enjoy areas of the hobby that may otherwise have stayed unknown to you. While the ‘buy on-line’ section will lead you to buying the item for yourself.

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