A-7 Corsairs Pennsylvania ANG

A pair of A-7 Corsairs of the Pennsylvania ANG enjoy one of the hottest weekends in Fairford history in July 1989

Fairford in July 1989, and anyone who was there will know what the Sunday roast joint prior to being taken out the oven felt like. 90 degrees F and rising, it was by far the hottest show I remember to date, but the participants list was (as always back then) equally as hot, with a flying line up including SHAR FRS1, Shackleton, B-1B, B-52, C-141 starlifter and SR-71 to name but a few!!!!

Part of the large cast of aircraft that weekend in the static were these two A-7’s of the Pennsylvania ANG. Seen here basking in the kind of weather that wasn’t a struggle for their crews, it was a weekend that I’m sure no one who attended will ever forget.

It was also a year when camping was made easy by staying at the main approach end in an old ammo dump area with a bridge over the road to enter the airfield. a simple show of a ticket to a couple of volunteers at the foot of the bridge and you were in. If anyone wishes to bring back such days I’m sure they’d be forever held in the aviation enthusiasts folklore as the greatest individual since time began.

The original photo was taken with my first camera, a Praktica MTL5B, with its standard 50mm lense in place.

The photo was scanned this year from the original negative developed 22 years ago, and cleaned up using PS Elements 6.

The status of two airframes pictured are as follows: –

70-0987 c/n D-133 Broken up AMARC 1997
73-1002 c/n D-398. On display at Pittsburg Intl in ANG area

(Many thanks to Mark ‘Silverfox’ from the Fighter control Forum for the current status of these two aircraft)