AN-225 Dream Farnborough 1990

AN-225 ‘Dream’ approaches Farnborough International September 1990

Farnborough 1990 was always going to struggle to follow up the first Mig 29s on UK soil in 1988, but follow it up it did, in a BIG way!!!

The sight of the AN225 on the ground with nose open (on the runway) after arriving was one of disbelief. Never has an aircraft been more apply named than ‘dream’, as one look at the number of wheels and engines on this gargantuan aircraft made you realise that you were in for one hell of a treat when its slot arrived in the flying display.

Seeing it move out onto the runway before rolling was just unbelievable. Back in the good old days Farnborough had good television coverage, I’d already seen this monster on the TV during the business week run up to the public weekend, with Noel Edmonds commentating on the BBC as the pictures showed the Dream approaching over the Swan pub while happy people with pints in hand watched on, gasping and yelping with joy.

The take off and subsequent manoeuvres until landing were difficult to comprehend, an aircraft that size banking and turning as it did really was a display you never forget.

This shot was taken from the public car park looking across the show ground as the Dream landed on using the Ricoh KR-10X and 400mm telephoto lens, and the image was scanned from the original positive slide taken in 1990.