Virtavia Sea King

One of the better products that Virtavia adopted from Alphasim, this package is well worth every penny of the £16.00. What do you get for your money?

A superb visual model of the Sea King (by far the best for FS2004) featuring: –

Westland HAR Mk.5, Royal Navy




Westland HAR Mk.3, Royal Air Force





Westland AEW Mk.2A, Royal Navy





Westland Mk.48, Belgian Air Force





Westland HC.4 Commando, Royal Navy





Sikorsky SH-3A, US Navy, USS Essex





Sikorsky SH-3D, US Navy, USS Hornet





Sikorsky SH-3H, US Navy, USS Hornet





Sikorsky CH-124B, Canadian Forces





Sikorsky VH-3D, US Marines, Presedential Flight





Animations come in the form of both Crew entry doors, dunking sonar buoy for the ASW versions and swivelling radar on the AEW mark. The main gear on all versions but the HC4 also retract and windscreen wipers also operate.

Main 2D and Virtual panels are based on actual photos of the Sea King Cockpit as well so the internal ‘feel’ of the package is right.

So let’s take one up for a spin!! The weathers good, and we have XV642 (an AEW of 849 NAS) on the flight line at St Mawgan (signed for). Our mission today is a high level scan of Cornwall, dropping into Bodmin airfield, then low level routing it back to St Mawgan.

The aircraft sitting on the line looks every bit the aircraft it’s supposed to represent, with external detail ensuring you’re not let down from any angle when viewing from the outside.





Once on board, the 2D and Virtual cockpit views really provide a feeling of sitting in a Sea King due to the nature of their creation (created using actual photos from Sea King cockpits). When compared to the actual Sea King cockpit (below), you can see that the experience of flying this in FS2004 from a cockpit view (particularly virtual) is as close to real as it can get.








The time has come to start up and launch into the mission. Once running the Sea King can be taxied easily and transition to hovered flight or forward flight is an easy process. The power application with throttle is gentle so it’s easy to find the correct setting to get off the ground, hover, and transition to forward flight.





It’s a beautiful day to be at altitude over Cornwall on this flight.





After loitering about with radar operational, we descend into Bodmin airfield to work with a civilian controller for a few circuits and landings.





Now it’s back at low level with a short direct low level hop from Bodmin to St.Mawgan, the last stage of a trouble free flight.





Back down safely on the apron and parking up on the flight line to shut down, this replication of the Sea King isn’t in any way a disappointment, and for those that know the Sea King, it’s an absolute must for any helicopter flier in FS2004.








The after market add on market for this package has been very active since release, and the following links provide an excellent range of freeware colour schemes: –

An excellent sound package from TSS is available for 9.00 Euros and I can confirm it makes the experience a whole lot more enjoyable


The original Sea King package itself is available at the flightsim pilot shop by clicking on the following links: –

Virtavia – Sea King
Virtavia – Sea King FSX

Should this aircraft be just the excuse you’ve needed to start flightsim activities with your PC or laptop (as this Sea King was for me when I left FS2002 behind to swap to FS2004), then you can purchase FS2004 or FSX now below.