December around the UK

Cardiff action from the 21st December from Ferodo Bridge
First F-35A arrivals for the 495th Valkyries on 15th December from Lamboali
Norwegian AF Search and Rescue AW101 Merlin Mk 612, UK serial ZZ102, undertaking flight tests at Merryfield on the 14th taken by Seacat192
Second batch arrivals of Qatari F-15s on the 13th December at Mildenhall captured by Lamboali
Brazilian Air Force KC-390 FAB2855 through Teeside airport on the 9th from Rainton20
HMS QE air wing returning on the 9th through Portland captured by RobinM
Cambridge & Mildenhall visitors on the 9th December from Lamboali
Apache action from Wattisham from Tim Holden
Mildenhall action on the 6th from andygolfer
Leeming action on the 2nd December from IMarsh
RAF Chinooks at Norwich on the 1st December from Knightsy14