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24th June 2021

FMS contract for RAF Chinooks awarded
RSAF King Air ferried back
Operation HEIFARA WAKEA 2021
Falcon Strike 21
J-3038 soldiers on at Payerne
While the fiftieth Pegasus is near, the USAF searches for more tankers
Indonesia to buy tanker aircraft
Accident SAAF Gripen
Germany Approves The Procurement Of Five P-8A Poseidon MPA
Who is the mystery buyer of Airbus C295 aircraft?
Video shows British carrier jets launching into combat
RAF personnel command Australian E-7 Wedgetail aircraft
RAF complete Weapon Systems Officer training with the Royal Navy
RAF Puma Helicopter detachment returns from Afghanistan
9th AS Pelicans fly southwest for joint training

19th June 2021

Giant Studio Model Of Broken Arrow’s B-3 Stealth Bomber Is On The Auction Block
Why The F-117 Made Its First Flight In Pastel Camouflage 40 Years Ago Today
Chinese Pilots Are Also Dueling With AI Opponents In Simulated Dogfights And Losing: Report
Clacton Airshow presents the Clacton 150 Flypast – August 26 and 27 2021
World’s greatest Airshow gets airbourne – virtually
Date: 19-JUN-2021
Time: 05:30
Type: Platzer Kiebitz B4
Owner/operator: Private
Registration: D-MYYY
MSN: 036
Aircraft damage: Minor
Location: near Kamen – Germany
Phase: Approach
Nature: Private
Departure airport: Kamen-Heeren Airfield (DE-0188)
Destination airport: Kamen-Heeren Airfield (DE-0188)
Narrative: When approaching Kamen-Heeren Airfield (DE-0188) a Platzer Kiebitz B4 sustained engine problems and force landed in a field near Kamen. The sole pilot sustained minor injuries and the aircraft sustained minor damage.
Cessna Grand Caravans delivered to Paraguay Air Force
NATO intercepts not so “transparent”
Helocasting operations Dutch Chinook
C-47 SNAFU special rollout
Baltic Sea Fleet will get new Su-30SM fighters
Twin-seat Su-57 for export market
Training together: Marines dogfight with the Air Force
German defense ministry seeks $5.3 billion for next FCAS research phase
US Air Force attempts to awaken spectrum ops after decades of waning electromagnetic warfare
More cost overruns are coming for Boeing as the KC-46 program logs another two technical deficiencies
AF Week in Photos
100 ARW provides fuel over the Arctic

10th June 2021

Supersonic Aircraft Tracked Off San Diego Coincided With Mysterious “Skyquake”
Air Force Corrects Top Official’s Statement On B-21 Bomber Progress (Updated)
Gunfighter Flag exercise
Israel’s Adirs have landed in Italy
New French demoteam
Falcon Eye 2
19th AW enhances interoperability during MG21
C-17 West Coast Demo Team flies with precision, purpose
Italian, British F-35B jets train together for first time, all thanks to the pandemic

9th June 2021

Legion Infrared Search And Track Pods Can Now Carry Their Own Datalinks For More Lethal Targeting
First 2 Raiders Complete; USAF Won’t Retire More B-1s Until B-21 On Duty
USAF Prepares for Over-the-Horizon Operations After Afghanistan Withdrawal
Air Force Eyeing C-130 Replacement Using New Vertical Lift Technology
Crew Ordered to Crash MQ-9 in Africa in June 2020 After ‘Catastrophic’ Fuel Leak
USAF’s “Open Skies” final OC-135B officially retired
Second group of Black Hawks delivered to the Philippines
Delivery C-27J to Turkmenistan
AAC Apaches join HMSPWS
Beast mode Australian Lightning IIs
INAS322 Dega Flight
First-ever aerial refueling MQ-25
French Navy Receives Fifth Upgraded ATL 2 Maritime Patrol Aircraft
First Sighting Of New Stealth Fighter For Chinese Navy’s Aircraft Carriers
Italian, British F-35B jets train together for first time, all thanks to the pandemic
Delivery of new Air Force One planes could be delayed until 2025
How many UK weapons will be integrated onto the F-35?
How is saltwater removed from British P-8 Poseidon aircraft?
RAF Voyager tanker refuels French jets during Counter Daesh Operations

3rd June 2021

This Is What Pilots Actually See Inside Red 6’s Augmented Reality Dogfighting Goggles
USAF Slashes Bomb Funding, Hinting at New Systems or Return to Boom and Bust
NATO Buys, Operates Kessel Run’s Tanker Planning App
Date: 02-JUN-2021
Time: c. 18:00 LT
Type: Pipistrel Virus SW100
Owner/operator: Private
Registration: D-MIEW
MSN: 601SWN100
Aircraft damage: Minor
Location: St?žov near P?íbram – Czech Republic
Phase: Landing
Nature: Private
Narrative: After 18:00 local time, an attempted emergency landing ended up with the aircraft lying on its back in a field. No significant injuries occurred.
Date: 02-JUN-2021
Time: c. 15:20
Type: Cessna U206G Stationair 6 II
Owner/operator: Vortex Aviation
Registration: PZ-VKP
MSN: U20604210
Aircraft damage: Minor
Location: Lawa Cottica Airstrip (SMCT) – Suriname
Phase: Take off
Nature: Passenger
Departure airport: Lawa Cottica Airstrip (SMCT)
Destination airport: Paramaribo-Zorg en Hoop Airport (ORG/SMZO)
Narrative: A Cessna U206G Stationair 6 II was involved in a mishap due to bad weather and poor conditions of the swamped runway at Lawa Cottica Airstrip (SMCT). No injuries to the four POB and the aircraft received a damaged wingtip and a bent prop blade tips.
Date: 02-JUN-2021
Time: 18:15
Type: glider
Owner/operator: Private
Aircraft damage: Minor
Location: Senegüé, Sabiñánigo – Spain
Phase: En route
Nature: Private
Departure airport: Santa Cilia airfield
Destination airport: Santa Cilia airfield
Narrative: At least one glider crash landed in a field after it lost height in Senegüé, Sabiñánigo, Spain. Both occupants were injured, one was taken to a hospital.
Pardubice’s 30th Airshow
Checkered Flag 21-2 wrapped up
U.S. Navy P-8 Poseidon Employs Harpoon during Formidable Shield 2021 Exercise
Russian upper house votes to exit from Open Skies Treaty
US Air Force wish list includes more F-15EX jets but no F-35s
Human Security at Exercise Swift Pirate
RAF Falcons Receive Public Display Authority for 60th Anniversary
Commander of UK Space Command visits RAF Fylingdales
Hanscom team awards contract for up to six aircraft

2nd June 2021

Air Tattoo Turns Back Clock for 50th Birthday
U.S. Will Reportedly Hand Over Bagram to Afghan Forces
B-52s Fly Over All NATO Nations for the Second Time
Date: 01-JUN-2021
Time: c. 08:30
Type: Brändli BX-2 Cherry
Owner/operator: Private
Registration: HB-YHT
MSN: 084
Aircraft damage: Minor
Location: near Bad Ragaz, SG – Switzerland
Phase: En route
Nature: Private
Departure airport: Bad Ragaz Airfield (LSZE)
Narrative: An experimental amateur built Brändli BX-2 flipped upside down during a forced landing in a field near Bad Ragaz, St Gall. The pilot was not injured.
Date: 01-JUN-2021
Time: 05:00
Type: Cessna
Owner/operator: Private
Aircraft damage: Written off (damaged beyond repair)
Location: Balancán, Tabasco – Mexico
Phase: En route
Nature: Illegal Flight
Narrative: A Cessna plane being chased by a helicopter of the Mexican navy, crashed as it tried to land on a highway. The plane was completely destroyed. No occupants of the airplane were found at the crash site.
Unusual Ibiza visitor
Update on the third Dutch Spitfire
M-346 Master for Turkmenistan
USAF’s Fiscal Year 2022 budget proposal
US Air Force to skip a year of Grey Wolf helicopter procurement in FY22
China sends 16 military aircraft over disputed South China Sea shoals near Malaysia
UK confirms plans to order more F-35 jets
RAF Chinooks pass 3000 hours of operational flying supporting French Operations in Mali
100th Air Refueling Wing fuels F-35s during exercise Atlantic Trident