F-4A-01-MC 2

143388 first flight 30th November 1958 WFU to Marine corps Air/ground museum Quantico VA for display

143389 test aircraft first flight 27th January 1959 retired to China Lake NWC CA

143390 first flight 15th June 1959

F-4H-1 Phantom II BuAer No 143390: lost control systems due to hydraulics failure and crashed on takeoff from China Lake, CA, on August 13, 1962. Pilot Hal Wellman ejected safely at an altitude of about 100 feet when aircraft caught fire on take-off.

143391 first flight 9th March 1959 retired at NAS Patuxent River 17/8/62

143392 first flight 15th May 1959

Control loss due to pilot hypoxia. Crashed into the Atlantic Ocean south east of NAS Patuxent River, MD. USA 17th November 1961. Pilot killed, possibly was already dead or unconscious before aircraft hit water.