Sky unlimited Hurricane fighters of WW2

What do you get for your money?

A superb package that has lots of models and schemes to choose from and just looks, sounds, flies, and feels right. This really is a great aircraft to add to your collection and at the current price, it’d be a big miss if you didn’t go get it.

So what models and schemes are available to fly, this little lot: –

As you can see from the pics above, the package also includes the removal of the pilot figure and additional ground equipment when the engine is off and parking brakes are applied. as a regular flight simmer, I consider these additions to be a real bonus to any package. as well as chocks and RBF tags, the wing fold command will remove the engine cowling and put a drip tray (with oil) under the nose!! Machine guns also work with the afterburner key although being FS2004 they don’t tend to destroy to much, I guess using blank ammo still gives the sound of the moment though.

So, with the model and scheme options checked over it’s time to take one up for a flight. Leaving Goodwood a quick flight around historical skies over Portsmouth and Thorney Island is the order of the day. I have also input a flight plan into the GPS taking me from Goodwood to Lee-on-Solent to test out eh the GPS and Auto pilot functionality. The flight starts with a quick walk round at Goodwood, followed by start up and taxi out.

Once in, the 2D panel and Virtual cockpits are more than up to the task, in fact the virtual cockpit is superb, and the aircraft can be fully flown with all switches and levers functioning correctly.

Flying is great once cleaned up, the aircraft is easy to trim and flies itself. radio, GPS, and Autopilot linked to GPS are fully functional and the panels can be called up via the usual buttons while your flying meaning you don’t have to leave the virtual view at any time in the flight.

The aircraft in the air looks every bit a Hurricane from any angle.

I’d never flown a Sky Unlimited aircraft before this one in FS2004, but the experience has lead me to purchase the Harvard and Spitfire packages as well and I’ve not been disappointed, particularly by the Harvard which really is up at the same level as this one. This is a superb add on for FS2004, and one I haven’t stopped flying since I downloaded it.