Other Military and Aviation items

ADDED 17th June 2021

Vintage Sea Harrier jigsaw puzzle 200 pieces

ADDED 17th June 2021

US special forces water bottle (not field usage, work out, daily use bottle)
Terrane products Strike Command coffee cup
Early 50’s Aircraft cards (25)
D-day maps (repro) of interest to historian or military collector
County class pair: – Devonshire Silver Jubilee tankard 1977 and Glamorgan plaque
Queens Jubilee 1977 Cover RAF Finningley review of the RAF (29th July 1977)
Cover 60th Anniversary first scheduled UK international air mail service (1979)
Souvenir cover for visit of Princess Anne to RAF Marham, 6th May 1971
Commemorative cover remembering 30th anniversary of attack on Coventry
RAF Lakenheath / 48th TFW mounted artefacts
1986 50th anniversary Spitfire sticker
US Navy Squadron VF-74 lighter and patch
Operation Enduring Freedom travel mug
MVT D-Day 50th anniversary show Southsea 28,29,30th May 1994 vehicle plaque
MVT VE Victory show Southsea 27,28,29th May 1995 vehicle plaque
IMPS London to Brighton VE / VJ day run 14th May 1995 vehicle plaque
IMPS Victory in Europe show Beltring (Kent) 1995 vehicle plaque
MVCG Normandy 1994 D-Day 50th Anniversary vehicle plaque
HMS Belfast mug, Lord Nelson pottery 1972
Royal Marines Whiskey tumbler
Belgium Army drinks coaster
4x small WW2 aircraft plates
Limited edition 75th Anniversary of the Royal Air Force plate
Wedgwood / Daily mail 60th Anniversary VE-day plate 2005
UK Forces webbing / trouser belt material roll
RAF SE5a mug
RAF Hudson bomber mug in a tin
Sea King mug in a tin
Cornish Aviation Society silver jubilee mug 2002
Heli ops Portland mug
2 sets of 1965 Battle of Britain stamps
D-Day landings first day covers
USMC Desert storm flag 60″ x 35″
UK Forces insoles and laces
Tigermoth horizontal elevator / stabiliser
UK Forces woodland cammo net 9×9 metres
UK Forces 2007 sleeping bag compression sack

UK Forces deployment bag

1975 Fleet Air Arm Historical Aircraft jigsaw 400 pieces COMPLETE

UK Forces 1976 dated Jerry can

UK Forces Ammo case holder for 4 separate cases 7.62 Blanks dated 1969

UK forces 1975 dated jerry can

Fairburn Sykes crossed keys Commando dagger

UK Military issue pen knife dated 1955

UK military issue knife dated 1954

Job lot 3x Uk Military pen Knifes dated 1953

British Army issued knife dated 1950

HMS Dolphin tankard

British army Roll mat

British Army Ammo tin (1982)

US Army vintage Ammo crate

Russian Ammo tin

50th Anniversary of Normandie 3 wine bottle pack

Dunkirk plate set from Bradford exchange with boxes, display fame, and certs

Folland aircraft of Hamble local interest collection of related items

Highlander sleeping bag and sack

Uk Army medium waterproof back pack liner dated 2005

British Army contact combat gloves size 9

Ration pack heater

UK Military ear defenders

Bandits at 12 o clock high plate

Spitfire over St Pauls plate (Royal Doulton) with stand

Bomber Command Royal Worcester. No chips, no stand 11″ wide

UK MTP warm weather combat gloves

British Army light weight sleeping bag, liner, and compression sack

Military elbow pads

Jungle compression sack and sleeping bag dated 2003

UK Army sealed individual protection kit dated 1973

UK Army burgen waterproof liner 2007 Large

Coastal Command ltd edition plate Royal Worcester

Tactical Gear specops style tan helmet

1997 O/A IRR rucksack DPM

British Army DPM Goretex mittens (Medium)

Apache helicopter 10000 hours Thermo mug