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War in the Falklands, the campaign in pictures

ADDED 14th September 2021

Falklands Task Force portfolio

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Haynes owners manual Royal Navy Submarine

ADDED 2nd September 2021

Action Stations, The Royal Navy at war dated 1941

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Shoreham airport by T M A Webb

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Osprey Military men at arms Battle for the Falklands 2, Naval forces

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US Army Aircraft since 1947 Airlife publishing

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Aeroplane special ‘Vulcan, RAF’s atomic avenger’
Sea planes and flying boats of the Solent
Worthing at War
Brace by wire to Fly by wire, 75 years of the Royal Air Force
Famous fighting aircraft Collins wonder colour book
40 years at Farnborough, SBAC’s international Aviation showcase
Janes tank recognition guide
British Naval Airpower 1945 to present Warbirds illustrated no.33
NATO Navies part 1 dated 1977
Superbase no.16 Kaneohe Bay
Supermarine Spitfire, Part 1 Merlin Power
F-15 eagle in action
F-15 eagle in action
F-106 Delta Dart in Action
F-14 Tomcat in Action
Gloster Meteor Super Profile
Infantry training Vol 1 Battle Handing dated 1969
Vietnam Air Wars
Uniforms of the RFC and RNAS
Halton and the apprentice scheme
Military Illustrated guide to job lot
IL-28 Beagle Light Attack Bomber
Aircraft markings (A guide to camouflage and insignia)
Aircraft 1975
The British Bomber since 1914 (Putnam)
Shuttleworth collection guide book
Aviation in colour US Military
The mighty eighth in the second world war
Carrier victory: the air war in the pacific
British fighter units of the Western front 1917-1918
Battle for the Falklands (3) Airforces Osprey Military men-at-arms series
Action Stations no.1 Wartime military airfields of East Anglia 1939-1945 (1979)
Kent Airfields of the Second World War
By Air to Battle (The official account of the British Airborne Divisions)
SBAC Farnborough 1954 show programme
Aeronautical history in pictures
Planes in flight 15 aircraft photographs in full colour
Jahrbuch der deutschen Kriegsopfer 1935
Westland Lynx Manual: 1976 Onwards (HAS Mk 2, Mk 3 and HMA Mk 8 Models)
SBAC 1954 Flying display and Exhibition programme
Aircraft identification japanese aircraft
Vulcan, last of the V-Bombers
USN Carriers vs Ijn Carriers: The Pacific, 1942 by Mark Stille (Paperback, 2007)
CVN-68 USS Nimiz
Airshows ’85 in Action: Practical Guide to Aviation Photography by T. Shia
Pearl Harbor 1941: The Day of Infamy by David Aiken, Carl Smith
US Amphibious Tactics, Pacific 1942-45 by Gordon L. Rottman (Paperback, 2004)
US Field Artillery of World War II by Steven Zaloga (Paperback, 2007)
VF-11/111 Sundowners 1942 to 1995
The US Navy in WW2
British Destroyers in WW2
Warbirds illustrated No.40 A-10A Thunderbolt II
Uniforms illustrated No.1 US Special Forces of WW2
Aircraft illustrated annual 1983
F-4 Phantom, guardian of the free world
USAFE yearbook 1990
SU-25 from the Russian Aircraft in Action series
Combat Legend Mitsubishi Zero
Hitlers Stuka Squadrons ‘1936-1945’
SAM publications F-111
Tornado ‘multi-role combat aircraft’
50 years of the Desert boneyard (Davis mothan AFB)
RAF in Camera Vol 1 Special Ed by Nesbit Roy (Hardback, 1998)
Japanese Navy aces and fighter units of WW2
Osprey Aviation Aircraft of the Aces, The legendary Spitfire Mk1/2 1939-41
Hampshire Airfields in the 2nd World War
MiG-29 in PAF by Mushroom Model Publications (Hardback, 2015)
Royal Air Force tribute magazine
Flypast cold war special
SBAC Farnborough show programme 1986
DC3 Dakota super profile
Cornwall at War 1939-1945 written by Peter Hancock
Mosquito written by Bill Sweetman
Red Arrows book job lot
Janes Aviation review edited by Michael J H Taylor
Eyes of the RAF written by Roy Conyers Nesbit
Eagles of the 3rd Reich written by Samuel W Mitcham
Lockheed written by Bill Yenne
Flat tops and fledglings written by Gareth L Pawlowski
Hendon Battle of Britain Museum guide 3rd edition 1979
8x Duxford Air Show programmes (80’s)
No.1 Squadron written by Michael Shaw
Hawker Hunter by Barry Jones (Hardback, 1998)
F-14 Tomcat Osprey combat aircraft series
Hawker Sea Hawk no.71 Profile publications
Helicopters written by J W R Taylor

The story of the Torpedo Bomber written by P C Smith

USAF Phantoms (Tactics, training, & Weapons) written by A M Thornborough

Dogfight: The Greatest Air Duels of World War II by Tony Holmes

Signal publications AH-64 Apache in action

Gosport interest job lot of books

1965 Military transports and training aircraft

Shot down in the drink

Tom Clancy Carrier, a guided tour

Aircraft annual 1963 written by John W R Taylor

Test pilot and Fighter pilot book duo

War data Born in battle special from Mirage to Kfir

F-14 Tomcat squadrons of the US Navy written by Lindsay Peacock

McDonnell Douglas, a tale of two giants written by Bill Yenne

RAF Air power today (warbirds illustrated No.25)

Classic WW2 Aircraft cutaway book

USAF / USSR aircraft books x2 from Nico sgarlato

World Air power journal Vol 29 Summer 1997

Ark Royal book by Mike Rossiter

Wings of the Navy book by Capt.E Brown

RNAS Culdrose 2013 Air Show programme 60th anniversary of the station

War papers introduced by Ludovic Kennedy

Haynes Blackburn Buccaneer owners workshop manual

Owen Thetford British Naval Aircraft since 1912 (6th edition)

Henschel 123 perfiles Aeronauticos (Spanish text throughout)

Aviation international Eagles of the East No.1 Fighting Lavochkin

Swordfish Special by W. A. Harrison (Hardback, 1977)

Avro HS748 ’30 dependable years’ BAE publication

UK sky spies since WW1

Gulf Air War Debrief