News archive August 2015

28th August 2015

Europe’s new stealth combat drone has successfully completed 12 highly sensitive test sorties in Italy

Integration lab to support C-5 software, hardware upgrades

Russian Helicopters showcases over 10 helicopters at MAKS-2015

12th Combat Aviation Brigade receives brand new CH-47F MYII Chinooks

Boeing, Saudia Aerospace Engineering Industries and Alsalam Aircraft Company to Establish Saudi Rotorcraft Support Center in Saudi Arabia

TIGER HAD Helicopter: First in-flight presentation in Warsaw

UK hands Typhoon baton over to Germany for NATO mission

MAKS: Russian Helicopters launches unmanned tiltrotor concept

Danes withdraw F-16s from Iraq deployment

MAKS: Chinese firm unveils new sensors for J-20, J-31

MAKS: Russia’s T-50 radar almost ready for serial production

MAKS: Dinamika debuts new MiG-31 simulator

MAKS: Best pictures of static and flying aircraft from Day 1

USAF moving F-22s to Europe as warning against Russia


21st August 2015

Air Force has high demand for unmanned aircraft pilots

F-16 pilot remains hospitalized after ground crash at Nellis Air Force Base

Navy To Test F-35C Off Eisenhower in October

Indian Air Force options uncertain as replacement crisis looms

More F-35 training systems ordered from Cubic Global Defense


20th August 2015

Argentina to retire Mirage fleet

Outgoing U.S. ambassador to Poland flies in F-16

This cool infographic shows all weapons carried by Russia’s next generation fighter

Israel upgrades F-16Is to cope with missile threat

Generator failure caused drone crash near Africa, investigation finds

Exploring the Wreck of USS Macon, The Navy’s Last Flying Aircraft Carrier

F-35 program creates 26,000 jobs in California

Taiwan buys Lockheed Sniper pods

AV-8B Harrier airstrikes target Islamic State in Iraq