News archive February 2015

28th February 2015

Air Force places 18 A-10 aircraft into ‘Backup Status’

27th February 2015

Airborne early wonders: our Top 10 eyes in the sky

Russia funds tanker conversion for Il-96 freighters

Airbus works to get troubled A400M back on track

Air Force Week in Photos

New Iraqi Air Force F-16IQ Block 52 fighter jets train in Arizona

26th February 2015

Italian air force orders three Hammerhead UAS

Eurofighter gets close-air support boost with P3E deal

AVALON: RAAF A330 MRTT makes strong combat debut

Saab picks Brazil’s AEL for Gripen avionics displays

Lockheed advances credentials of AESA-based Crowsnest bid

Airbus Defence and Space joins forces with Australia DSTO to improve protection of aircraft and helicopters

Paramount and Motor Sich collaborate on helicopter modernisation

AF holds 50th anniversary Vietnam War commemoration ceremony

Russians have started working on a new engine for their 5th generation stealth fighter

The F-14 Tomcats that never were vs F/A-18E/F Super Hornet: who would have won?

Iran Optimizing F14 Fighter Jets for New Missions

25th February 2015

Korean Air, Airbus sign accord for jet fighter bid

Eurofighter Typhoon Powers Forward with New Enhancement Contract

Slovakia To Buy UH-60M Black Hawk Helicopters

Listen to Russian Strategic Bombers talk to their Ground Control while skirting UK airspace

How the UK QRA responded to Soviet intruders at the times of the Phantom

Stunning Photographs of the Polish Mig-29s and Italian Typhoons of NATO’s Baltic Air Policing

Unique Point of View: R-73 Missile Launch as seen from the pylon of a Russian Su-27 Flanker

Natural disaster response improved at Cope North 15

AERO INDIA: Upgraded T-50 PAK-FA powerplant in rig tests

Pilatus marks PC-21 production milestone

Australian C-27J crews commence training in USA

Thales offers early service entry as part of UK Crowsnest bid

RAAF pushes for tighter integration of assets

Israel signs for next batch of F-35 ‘Adir’ fighters

Germany outlines fixes for grounded NH90s

Wing kit gives JDAM triple the range, Australian air force shows

AVALON: RAAF upbeat on Wedgetail reliability

19th February 2015

British and French fighter jets shadow a Russian Tu-95 bomber, and surprisingly the footage is recorded by the crew members of the Tu-95

SDB II undergoes live fire testing on F-15E

AERO INDIA: Airbus sole bidder for Indian AWACS project

Lockheed outlines F-35 cost-cutting production changes

Lockheed teams with Raytheon for JSTARS replacement

Lockheed reveals small self-defence weapon for fighters

AERO INDIA: Lockheed expects New Delhi to replace lost C-130J

AERO INDIA: Russian Helicopters expects further Indian Mi-17 orders

AERO INDIA: Combat-tested Rafales on show

Airbus Helicopters extends its R&D capabilities in Europe by opening a new design office in ?ód? – Poland

18th February 2015

The story of one of the largest air strikes conducted by U.S and British jets in Iraq during OSW

New landing zone procedures practiced at Stolen Cerberus II

Airbus advances A400M tanker testing

Russian Helicopters showcases commercial and military helicopters at Aero India 2015

British Prime Minister Cameron Praises Boeing-led Chinook Support Program

17th February 2015

MQ-1C Predator footage of repatriation of Italian nationals from Libya

Footage of Raptors refuelling during an air strike in Iraq

Egypt’s order for 24 Rafales confirmed

Egyptian air strikes target IS in Libya

AgustaWestland Expands Its Presence in West Africa With New AW139 Orders

Cochran Announces $220.5 Million Contract for Army Helicopter Production in Mississippi

16th February 2015

U.S. A-10 Thunderbolts to be temporarily stationed in Poland?

[Photo] Super Hornet with double 2,000-lb GBU-31s payload launches for ISIS airstrike

Andersen AFB teams with Saipan firefighters for F-16 familiarization training

USAF chief keeps sights on close air support mission

13th February 2015

First AF theater security package deploys to Europe

Air Force Week in Photos

Air Force considering A-10 replacement for future close air support

Lockheed Martin launches Legion pod for USAF

Egypt picks Rafale for fighter deal

Israeli Black Hawk crews hone flying tactics

12th February 2015

[Video] Low level flying Syrian Su-24 Fencer trailing smoke

A-10s of the U.S. Air Force theatre security package have deployed to Europe

U.S. F-22 EW-enabled sensor-rich stealth aircraft have escorted Jordanian F-16s during air strikes on ISIS

Female U-2 pilot blazes trail through society and space

Anti-IS air strike mission ‘only contains insurgency’

IAI delivers first T-38 replacement wing

NASA opens P-3C market for propeller upgrade

Embraer outlines fly-by-wire test plan for KC-390

RAF’s 17 Sqn assumes control of F-35 test and evaluation

Russian Helicopters to showcase new equipment for aircraft maintenance bases and service centres at NAIS&CA 2015

Two MV-22 simulators delivered to Marine Air Facility Quantico

10th February 2015

Navy brass view F-35C’s stealth as overrated

Turkey Says Flight Simulators Save $80M

TAE to handle F-35 maintenance in Australia

Air Force ‘doctored the data’ to make A-10 look bad

Red Flag 15-1: Simulating Modern Warfare at Nellis Air Force Base

UAE F-16s arrive in Jordan to support war on ISIS. Some of them don’t wear national markings

Rafale and Super Etendard jets Launched and Recovered from French Nuclear Aircraft Carrier

9th February 2015

The Russian Air Force has tested a strategic cargo plane in bomber role

Airfield, aircrew safety after dark

Fueling future training

Tinker acquires land for KC-46A Pegasus maintenance

Germany calls a halt to NH90 flights over safety fears

IAI unveils Global 5000-based MPA

Second naval Tejas prototype conducts maiden flight

Israeli paratroops make first jump from C-130J

6th February 2015

U.S. moves pilot rescue aircraft closer to battlefield

Pratt says growth in F-35 production will help cut costs

Sikorsky sees spike in helicopter demand from Eastern Europe

Northrop Pivots To Clean-Sheet T-X Trainer

Here’s What You’ll Find on the Fighter Jet of 2030

Pro-Russia separatists conducted first air strike in Ukraine using a Su-25 Frogfoot. Maybe….

Air Force Week in Photos

Aircraft to spacecraft, airfield ops lands them all

Greek, US training reaffirms rock-solid friendship

US, Japan helicopter crews get on the same page

US, South Korea strengthen bonds at exercise Buddy Wing

AirTanker starts A330 conversion for Thomas Cook

5th February 2015

U.S. Marines EA-6B Prowlers refuel during mission over Afghanistan

UK criticised for trivial anti-IS involvement

US military unveils plan to develop sixth-gen fighters

Aviation Equipment received registration from the Indian Air Forces

4th February 2015

Hornets to deploy with Corps’ Middle East crisis response unit

UPDATE 1-U.S. Navy budget plan omits funding for Boeing jets

Cope South 15 successfully ends

F-35 nears completion of all-weather testing

Navy delays fielding UCLASS to 2023

Embraer KC-390 takes maiden flight

Division West and Dutch generals discuss training prospects

3rd February 2015

Dogfights, low level flying, live firing at Red Flag-Alaska through F-16’s GoPro cameras

Air Force presents FY 16 budget request

Binding material to save Osprey engines

Tactical Airlift Exercise Cope South 15 launches in Bangladesh

Malaysia’s first A400M gets airborne

Northrop Grumman Receives US Navy Contract to Begin Production of Additional Airborne Laser Mine Detection Systems

Bomber Leads Way on USAF RDT&E Request

Air Force will try to cut A-10 fleet again

Army Adds $500M For Helicopters, But…

USAF Slips Next Joint Stars, Opens Door to GPS Competition

Ayotte Pledges to Oppose A-10 Retirement

2nd February 2015

F-18s and F-5s provide Davos World Economic Forum 2015 Air Defense

F-16’s automatic ground collision avoidance system: details, strengths and limitations

RAF Sentry AEW aircraft deploys in support of counter-IS mission

WFP-Contracted Aircrew Recovered Safely After Being Forced To Land In Sudan

Russian bomber had nuclear missile when intercepted

1st February 2015

This may be the shape of the future U.S. top secret stealth bomber