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3rd November 2019

The Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II stealth fighter’s mission capability rate was hurt due to difficulty Lockheed Martin and its suppliers had producing spare parts, an issue caused by a three-year push to dramatically increase production of the aircraft, a top US Air Force official says

The Indonesian air force plans to buy two squadrons of Lockheed Martin F-16 Block 72 Viper fighters, while also following through on its plan to purchase a squadron of Russian’s Sukhoi Su-35s

AF Week in Photos

Air Force Academy names airfield in honor of Tuskegee hero

Iranian Air Force conduct test flight of Yasin trainer jet

Wait… What? What Is a Russian Sukhoi Su-34 Doing Driving Along the Road?

OOOPS! First Dutch F-35A Accidentally Gets Foam Party Instead of Water Salute

Check Out This Chinese Helicopter Gunship Helmet That Looks Like a Movie Prop

NATO Code Name “FELON”: Russian Su-57 Gets Its Reporting Name, And It Couldn’t Be Better


30th October 2019

The US State Department approved a $4.5 billion package to upgrade 98 examples of Japan’s Mitsubishi F-15J Eagle air superiority fighter fleet

Lockheed Martin won a $25 million contract to start engineering and manufacturing work on a new version of its GPS Spatial Temporal Anti-Jam Receiver (GSTAR) which will be installed in the F-35 Lightning II stealth fighter

Logistics Center in Germany for CH-53K Promised

New Radar Frequency Interferometer for Apache

New NH90 Training Center in Den Helder

University students help JSTARS innovate scheduling

First P-8 Poseidon handed over to Royal Air Force

U.S. Navy F/A-18E Super Hornet That Shot Down Syrian Su-22 in 2017 Spotted With “New” Kill Markings At NAS Fallon

Part Of A B-52 Stratofortress Bomber Deployed To The UK Falls Off Into Garden Near RAF Fairford

57th Fighter Wing at Nellis AFB Completes New “WRAITH” Aggressor F-16


29th October 2019

Lockheed Martin and the F-35 Joint Program Office agreed to a $34 billion production contract for 478 examples of the F-35 Lightning II stealth fighter

62nd AW delivers humanitarian aid to Honduras

CRW Airmen enhance mobility readiness during Green Flag

RAF Typhoon fighters exercise with USAF B-52 Bombers

RAF Shawbury Celebrates as 20 Aircrew Join the Front Line from the UK Military Flying Training System

Unmanned aircraft could provide low-cost boost for Air Force’s future aircraft inventory, new study says


28th October 2019

Three-way consortium NH Industries (NHI) is in negotiations with operators of its NH90 military helicopter over future upgrades for the 11t-class platform, even as it works through a retrofit programme on early build examples

Brazil’s air force has received a pair of Embraer Phenom 100EV light business jets for use by its 6th air transport squadron

The Czech Republic has become the sixth country to join NATO’s multinational tanker fleet following the signature of a memorandum of understanding in Brussels on 24 October

Team Mildenhall Airmen visit RAF Waddington for airpower demonstration

FARP: ‘Like we were never there’

AF Week in Photos

US Air Force exchange officer soars with partners down under

Photos Of The US B-1s Deploying To PSAB Last Week Provide Additional Details About The US Build Up In Saudi Arabia

Here Are The First Images Of Next Generation Jammer Mid-Band on the EA-18 Growler

Turkey, Russia in negotiations for potential Su-35 jet deal


25th October 2019

The US Air Force’s (USAF’s) Air Combat Command has awarded seven companies contracts worth a combined $6.4 billion to provide mock dogfighting and aerial combat training services over the next five years

Lockheed Martin has defended both the stealth coatings of the F-35A and its efforts to boost the supply of spare parts, as it eyes the conclusion of three fighter campaigns in 2020 and lower operating costs

Airbus Helicopters has handed the first of an eventual 18 NH90 Sea Lion naval rotorcraft to Germany, with an additional two examples to arrive by year-end

The Boeing KC-46A Pegasus in-flight refueling tanker formally transitioned into Initial Operational Test and Evaluation (IOT&E) on 22 October

Airbus Defence & Space sees the A400M tactical transport as its top sales priority in the Asia-Pacific region, while also eyeing opportunities for tankers and support aircraft

100th CES firefighters execute KC-135 familiarization training

The ‘Bloody Hundredth’ edge; 100th SFS sharpens skills

Two Russian Tu-160 Strategic Bombers Have Just Landed in South Africa For The First Time

Interesting Images Of C-17s Loading Materiel At Kobani Landing Zone During U.S. Withdrawal From Syria Released

Interesting Photo Shows British F-35B in “Beast mode” Aboard HMS Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier

B-52 Stratofortress Bombers Missions Over The Black Sea And Baltic Regions: An OSINT Analysis

Has Airbus fixed midair refueling problems with the F-15 jet?


21st October 2019

A pair of notifications on a US government website indicates that the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) may increase the processing power of its Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornets and EA-18G Growlers, and that it will add an infrared search & track (IRST) capability

The Eurofighter Typhoon’s self-protection equipment will be the subject of a major modernisation effort, with industry partners having launched plans for a so-called Praetorian Evolution, or “Evo” package of capabilities

Closing Ceremony Held for Exercise Bersama Lima in Malaysia

Russian Air Force Tu-160 Strategic Bombers To Make Unprecedented Visit To South Africa


20th October 2019

AH-64E Apache Modernized Turret

Kuwait to Receive H225M this Year

AVX / L3Harris FARA Helicopter at AUSA 2019

AF Week in Photos

RAF Coningsby Twinned with German Eurofighter Wing

Red Arrows Return From Huge North American Tour

Russian Okhotnik drone will perform first weapons test next year

NATO and EU hold joint air-to-air refuelling conference

See KAI unveil a new export version of the Surion helo, following a fatal crash last year

Taiwan says F-16 upgrade back on track, as it seeks recon pods that can watch China’s coastline

The F-35 jet might hit full-rate production more than a year late


16th October 2019

“Project da Vinci” Transforms USAF’ Pilot Training

Honeywell to Upgrade Chinook’ T55 Engines

Eielson AFB reactivates 356th Fighter Squadron

Global C-130J fleet surpasses 2 million flight hours

Video Shows An Algerian Air Force MiG-29S Performing a Crazy Low Pass At Mecheria Air Base

South Korea’s future fighter program at risk, even as development moves along


15th October 2019

100 ARW supports 352d SOW mission partner

388th Fighter Wing focuses on F-35A operational capabilities, mission readiness


14th October 2019

Russian Helicopters plans to merge its two storied design bureaus, Mil and Kamov, into one unit, called the National Helicopter Center

The Lockheed Martin F-35A appears likely to secure a 20 aircraft follow up order from Seoul, as the type makes its ADEX debut in the livery of the Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF)

New Hangar at MCAS New River for CH-53K

AF Week in Photos

First UK F-35 Lightning Jets land on HMS Queen Elizabeth

Sikorsky HH-60W Combat Rescue Helicopter approved to enter production

Thailand approved for $400m AH-6i attack helicopter purchase

The F-35 – A guide to the jet that is flying from HMS Queen Elizabeth

How British is the F-35?

Norway’s F-35s have a problem with a unique piece of gear

Sikorsky Unveils Raider X for US Army FARA

Singapore’s F-15 fighter jet training program in Idaho turns 10 years old


11th October 2019

The Kratos XQ-58A Valkyrie unmanned air vehicle (UAV) was damaged during landing after completing its third flight on 9 October in Yuma, Arizona

The Harbin Z-20 helicopter will be employed for a number of missions across China’s military, according to a report in Beijing’s official China Daily

RAF Typhoons fly over Petronas Towers

RAF Voyager operates from Singapore for the first time


10th October 2019

The Argentine air force plans to retrofit an undisclosed number of IA-58 Pucara light attack aircraft into intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) variants, renaming the type as the IA-58 Fenix

The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) is funding a project to expand the search and rescue (SAR) capability of the Boeing P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft

Since making its first flight in May, Sikorsky’s optionally-piloted UH-60A Black Hawk has flown a combined 54.5h and tested several autonomous flight functions

South Korea to buy 20 more F-35 jets


9th October 2019

The first of 16 Airbus Defence & Space C295 fixed-wing search and rescue (FWSAR) aircraft on order for the Royal Canadian Air Force has received its service markings, ahead of delivery to the customer before year-end

Italy’s Guardia di Finanza agency has signed for three additional ATR 72MPs – the maritime patrol variant of the turboprop airliner

Team Mildenhall perform 48-hour operations

420th FLTS reactivates to support B-21 Raider testing

Could the B-52 bomber fly for 100 years?

Watch This Gusty Gunship Turn a Military Parade into a Real-Life Benny Hill Skit

Atlanta Airshow to Host Thunderbirds, Canadian Snowbirds this Weekend

Top Dems warn Trump against US pullout of Open Skies Treaty


8th October 2019

New Delhi has taken delivery of its first four Dassault Rafales, completing a decades-long odyssey to obtain a new fighter for the Indian air force

V-22 Osprey Fleet Surpasses 500,000 Flight Hours

Air Force supports Army’s exercise Arctic Anvil 2019

4,000 troops, 58 aircraft, 19 vessels start to arrive Scotland

Birthplace of TOPGUN Evolves in Advance of New Threats in Pacific and Beyond


7th October 2019

Bangkok wants to be involved in the development of software when it eventually looks to obtain a new fighter

BAE Systems awarded $2.7 billion APKWS guided rocket contract

British firm Meggit to supply Aerial Weapons Scoring Systems to the US Army

U.S. Navy’s Last Active Duty P-3C Squadron Returns Home After Completing The Type’s Final Deployment To Bahrain


5th October 2019

The Philippine Air Force has ordered a single Gulfstream G280 private jet that will be used for command and control missions

The US Air Force (USAF) has created a new office to help with the development of advanced fighter technologies

The US Navy’s (USN) last F/A-18C Hornet made its final active-duty flight at Naval Air Station Oceana in Virginia Beach, Virginia on 2 October

Two Second-Hand H225 for SAR to Air Greenland

AF Week in Photos

RAF pilot seconded to Virgin Orbit space programme

RAF Typhoons Conduct Royal Malaysian Air Force Joint Exercise

Argentina to acquire surplus American P-3C Maritime Patrol Aircraft

British firm Meggitt awarded Liquid Palletized System contract by US Navy

The Italian Task Force At Keflavik Has Achieved The FOC And The F-35s Have Started Safeguarding Iceland’s Airspace

Korea Kicks Off Multi-Role Stealth Fighter Jet Program

US Air Force’s next-generation fighter inches forward with a new program head

Boeing’s F-18 jet may have a leg up in Germany over Eurofighter


2nd October 2019

Tokyo will receive the full allotment of nine Northrop Grumman E-2D Hawkeye airborne early warning & control (AEW&C) aircraft originally announced last year

Facing competitors who are pushing the envelope in terms of complexity and novelty, Bell has revealed that it is taking a more conventional route to its proposal for the US Army’s Future Armed Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA) competition: a winged helicopter called the 360 Invictus

FLIR Systems acquired the intellectual property and select operating assets of Aria Insights, a tethered unmanned air vehicle (UAV) startup, for an undisclosed amount

Redesigned Gunner Seats for MH-60S Seahawks

Airbus and EASA Partners for NextGen VTOL

Ramstein AB Airmen support Bulgarian military free-fall course during Thracian Fall 19

Meggitt signs $16m contract for heat resistant composites for F-35

Boeing begins assembling first KC-46A tanker for Japan

Airbus A400M performs first helicopter air to air dry contacts

South Korea Displays The F-35 To The Public For The First Time After The Low-Profile Delivery Of Its First Four Jets


1st October 2019

The US Navy (USN) plans to host a fly-off competition in Yuma, Arizona in January 2020 to find a tactical cargo resupply unmanned air vehicle (UAV) for the US Marine Corps (USMC)

Beijing used the 70th birthday party of communist rule in China to display an impressive array of firepower

SECNAV Energy Excellence Award for HSM-48

BAE deliver ‘Advanced Typhoon’ to the Royal Air Force

British Typhoon fighter jets arrive in Malaysia

Typhoon jets back up Iraqi security forces against Daesh

Video Inside A B-52 Flying A Nuclear Alert Training Mission Provides A Rare View Of The Pilots’ Thermal Flash Protective Goggles

Take A Look At These Somehow Unusual Shots Of A Special Colored RDAF F-16 Intercepting A Russian Il-20M Spyplane

China Unveils A New Supersonic Spy Drone During Massive Military Parade In Beijing. And Here’s Our Analysis.

52FW Stages Elephant Walk With 25 F-16s At Spangdahlem Air Base In Germany

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