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28th August 2019

As part of a bid win approval for schedule flights in and out of Moscow, Russian Helicopter Systems plans to fly 40 scheduled flights from a helipad on the outskirts of the Russian capital to the MAKS air show at Zhukovsky International Airport.

The Indian Air Force has received its 11th and final Boeing C-17 strategic airlifter, in the last delivery of the type.

The first Gripen E fighter to have been produced for Brazil completed a 65min flight debut from Saab’s Linkoping site in Sweden on 26 August.

Sukhoi displayed a sub-scale model of its S-70 Okhotnik “Hunter” unmanned air vehicle (UAV) with a flattened exhaust outlet at the MAKS international air show on 27 August.

Oregon’s 142nd Fighter Wing conducts training with Navy counterparts.

Air Force supports Army during Battalion Mass Tactical Week.

RAF Reaper Force receive Operational Service Medal for Op SHADER.

Multi-National Allied Air Forces Arrive for Exercise Cobra Warrior.

Video shows F-35 pilots view of landing on HMS Queen Elizabeth.

Lockheed wins $2.4bn contract for US and International F-35 spares.

MAKS 2019 Surprise Appearance: The Mysterious Sukhoi Su-47 Berkut Re-emerges.

You Have To Watch This Video Of The Night Arrival Of Two (out of Three) B-2 Stealth Bombers Into RAF Fairford.

Take A Ride In A Hungarian JAS 39 Gripen Jet During a Flyby Over Budapest.

India cancels Jaguar upgrade over Honeywell’s $2.4B price tag.


26th August 2019

Russian fighter manufacturer RSK MiG is preparing production of an updated version of the Ilyushin Il-114 regional turboprop in a bid to create additional workload beyond its long-standing MiG-29 family

The US Air Force (USAF) awarded Boeing a contract worth up to $999 billion for 27 wing replacements for the service’s Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II aircraft, with the option to order 85 more sets over the contract’s 11-year period

Czechs are First Foreign Military with UH-1Y + AH-1Z

Canada Confirmed Cormorant Helicopters Upgrade

US Army’ 1st CAB Training in Romania

Russian Helicopters at MAKS 2019

AMC C-130 rainbow fitting inspections complete

39th Airlift Squadron hits west coast skies, drops 200 Marines

AF Week in Photos

Original Hawk moved to a new home in Old Sarum

Another Milestone for the UK Military Flying Training System

Red Arrows Join New York Flypast

F-35B completes simulated combat air patrol with live AIM-9X missile

Second British P-8A Maritime Patrol Aircraft fresh out of factory

Spanish Air Force augmenting NATO Baltic Air Policing mission

Check Out These Interesting Photos of a Sukhoi Su-57 Popping Its Drag Chute in The Air Before Touchdown


20th August 2019

South Korea is set to receive four additional Lockheed Martin F-35As, bringing the number of the type on the Korean peninsula to eight

The US Navy (USN) is soliciting options to improve or replace the electro-optic/infrared (EO/IR) air-to-air and air-to-surface targeting pods on its Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornets and EA-18G Growlers

Black Hawk SFM Drone First Flight

Trakkabeam A800 Searchlight for UH-60M

Texas Air National Guardsmen train at RAF Mildenhall

Travis AFB produces first certified 3-D printed aircraft parts

2019 Red Flag-Alaska season concludes

Air traffic control: Keeping the skies safe

Royal Air Force bomber crew remembered at Memorial event

Protector achieves milestone on visit to RAF Squadron

First female F-35B pilot completes training

British combat aircraft nearing end of Baltic deployment

You Could Almost “Touch” A Ukrainian Su-27P Flanker During This Epic Air-To-Air Photoshoot

We Interview One of The Masters of Aviation Photography: Kedar Karmarkar


17th August 2019

The Trump administration has approved the sale of new Lockheed Martin F-16Vs to Taiwan, a long considered decision that will likely worsen tensions with China, which wants to bring the island nation back under its control.

Boeing has upgraded six Lockheed Martin P-3K2 Orions operated by the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) to improve their capability in the anti-submarine warfare (ASW) mission.

Boeing Australia continues work on developing technology for autonomous aircraft, as it aims for the first flight of the Air Teaming System (ATS) prototype in 2020.

US, NATO allies team up for Icelandic Air Surveillance exercise

AF Week in Photos

UK and Norway reinforce North Atlantic security

F-35B gun crew successfully undertakes shipboard hot reload on USS Wasp

What’s It Like to Be Inside the USAF Thunderbirds “High Bomb Burst Cross”

Another F-117 Nighthawk Fuselage Spotted in Transit in California along Columbia Way


16th August 2019

An Indian facility that makes Su-30MKI jets may shut down, toppling 400 local suppliers

Rockwell Collins tapped for E-2D Hawkeye trainer systems

Air Force Tests How Quickly, Nimbly It Can Deploy F-35 in ‘Agile Lightning’

New USAF Base in Niger Begins Limited Operations

Anti-sub sonar falls off Navy helicopter

2 Blue Angels jets make contact midair during practice in Florida


15th August 2019

The Navy’s new supercarrier can now land all of its planes — except the F-35 stealth fighter

Nearly 75 percent of grounded Air Force C-130s have returned to the air

BAE Systems is advancing work on a new synthetic training capability that will be employed by the UK Royal Air Force’s Eurofighter Typhoon squadrons in less than two years

Team Mildenhall kids experience mock deployment line

Typhoon jets bomb Daesh building in the Al Jazirah desert

British firm Meggitt wins US orders for F-35 and F/A-18 components

Typhoon jets destroy a Daesh weapons stockpile

Syrian Su-22 “Shot Down” Down Near Idlib, Pilot Reported as Ejected


14th August 2019

Russia’s Sukhoi S-70 Okhotnik flying wing unmanned air vehicle (UAV) has made its first test flight.

A Boeing 747-400 that carried Japan’s emperor and several prime ministers on official state business is for sale for $28 million

Brazil’s National Civil Aviation Agency has green-lighted Sikorsky’s S-92 heavy-twin helicopter for search-and-rescue (SAR) use

Germany is working to progressively bring its Airbus Helicopters Tigers back into service after a safety issue forced their grounding on 2 August

Boeing delivered three more KC-46A Pegasus in-flight refuelling tankers to the US Air Force (USAF) on 8 and 9 August, a week after winning a $55 million contract to redesign the aircraft’s boom telescope actuator

BAE Systems is close to delivering its final Eurofighter Typhoon for the UK Royal Air Force (RAF), as it eyes fresh export opportunities to extend production of the multi-role type beyond 2024

RMS Wins Canadian CH-124 Sea King Bidding

Colour Helmet Mounted Display for CV-22 Osprey

German Sea Lion Radio Equipment

100th AMXS, 100th MXS test innovative in-ear headset

100th ARW commander takes firsthand look at deployed mission

Agile Lightning demonstrates nimble operations

73 to 173: A-10 Enhanced Wing Assembly replacement program comes to an end

Ascension Island runway may not be repaired until 2022

Spanish EF-18 Hornet Shadowing Russian Defense Minister’s Jet Gets Shooed Away By Escorting Su-27 Flanker

First Operational Loss Replacement HH-60G Pave Hawk delivered to the U.S. Air Force

Behold a 75 Square Feet Marine Corps Air Station Entirely Made of LEGO Bricks

Polish Armed Forces Day Rehearsals at Powidz Air Base

We’re Sending Four Correspondents to MAKS 2019 In Russia. Here’s What They’ll Report On From Zhukovsky

US approves $800 million in helicopters for South Korea

China’s H-6K Bomber Expected to be Armed with Hypersonic Weapons


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